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What our Customers are saying!

Columbia Electrical, serving the Cranbrook, Kimberley areas

"It's always nice working with professionals. I've used them twice in two different locations. They showed up on time, answered my questions, addressed my concerns, and did what was asked of them in a professional efficient manner. Will definitely use them again!"

​ Gary McCarthy

"Kent did the wiring for us on a 1928 renovation house in Kimberley . We hired Kent because he allowed us to do much of the grunt work like drilling holes for wiring, installing boxes, running wires, drilling holes for pot lights etc. and he did all of the technical work. Unlike some contractors, Kent is a very good communicator and kept us informed of what days he would be at the project and at what time - this type of integrity is important to me. He has a calm nature but moves with purpose and efficiency. Kent was resourceful in meeting current code requirements in an old wiring system for the least cost..
I would hire Kent again to do electrical installations for us."

​ Wayne Pelter, Kimberly BC

"Just wow! Kent and Kevin are rock stars (I'm sure the rest of the guys are, too, I just haven't met them yet! Communication is fast and easy, workmanship is superb and thorough. These guys not only know their stuff but they are polite, easy-going people who understand that a person's home is their castle and they treat it as such. I am extremely happy to recommend them to anyone looking for quality workmanship that gets done in an expeditious manner with thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Thanks for being the most reliable trade we've worked with so far in Kimberley!!!"

Jake Wiggley, Kimberly BC

"Highly recommend Columbia Electrical! Kent was at the house within an hour of calling him, isolated and fixed the issue right away. Wow awesome guy! If you are doing any electrical work, please don't hesitate to give Columbia Electrical a call. Thanks again, nice to have peace of mind Kent!"

Lorrie & Dan Mills

"Kent slaves daily to get the work done, plus the dogs kind of like hime lol! Top notch, reliable and cost effective!

​ Chris Muckaluck

"We were on the hunt for an electrician and got quotes from several local companies. I must say we are very pleased with our ultimate selection and the service we got from Columbia Electrical. Kent did an awesome job on our new basement. We could not be more pleased with the results. Highly recommend him and his team for any of your electrical needs!"

Theresa Lundy

"Columbia Electrical - Proprietor Kent McDonald was a pleasure to work with as he upgraded my home's existing electrical service from 100 amp to 200amp and entirely rewired my old Kimberly house. Kent brought a friendly smile and down to earth attitude to the job site each day, and was always happy to answer all my mundane homeowner questions. I strongly recommend you give him a call for any electrical work you need done promptly and safely!"

Tim Nugent, Kimberly BC

"Columbia Electrical ensures your satisfaction by completing your electrical project right the first time!

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